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​​Darcy Goicochea/ Owner
 Professional Master Makeup Artist and Hair Designer

Covid-19 Safety Practices

We are dedicated to making our clients feel at ease regarding the covid-19 concerns and have taken the necessary steps to ensure not only our clients safety but the safety of our team members as well!

All team members will be required to wear a mask at all times while on-location and in studio until the pandemic has passed. All team members will be evaluated before each booking, and if anyone has any of the symptoms of Covid-19 they will not be allowed to work and will be replaced with a comparable artist. If any artist is known to be exposed to covid-19 prior to a booking, they will be asked to be tested and submit a negative result to me or be replaced with a comparable artist. Clients will be required to wear a mask whenever possible, and will also be asked to comply with CDC guidelines regarding social distancing, masks and monitoring symptoms prior to appointments. 

Update 1/25/21: Due to the high increase in the # of covid cases and the new, more contagious variant, I am no longer allowing "guests" to accompany clients to an appointment in-studio. This is  to reduce the amount of possible germs in the air and keep everyone as safe as possible. Please do not bring a guest unless you are under 18. In the case of bridal trial appointments, I take several pictures at the end of the appointment and send them to you for you to be able to share with friends and family for feedback. 

Payments: as of January 2021, only contactless payments, including gratuities will be accepted to reduce the risk of germs being passed. 

I, as well as all team members have completed the Barbicide covid-19 Infection control certification. Please be assured that great care will be taken to properly sterilize the work space including all tools/ equipment, products, chair and hands between each client and deep cleaned between each job. All Makeup Artists have several sets of brushes so they can use a clean set for each person, and if they need to reuse a brush, it is cleaned with a cleaner containing minimum 70% alcohol. Product will be dispensed onto a clean/ sterilized metal palette before application and disposable applicators will be used for mascara and lipstick application. My studio space is sprayed with a disinfectant and I run a heavy duty air cleaner between each appointment to rid the air of germs.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about my policies concerning covid-19 safety practices, please contact me! I am happy to help in any way I can!​