Certified Production and Bridal Makeup Artist/ Hair Designer

September 25, 2014
"Featured Hair Artist", Latest-Hairstyles.com

Summer 2014 
"Publix Summer Grape Magazine" Ad

"Makeup artist Darcy Goicochea  strongly suggests sloughing off dead skin cells and slathering on a lightweight body lotion to even out your texture and help you makeup adhere to your skin better. "Dry skin patches will 'grab' more color and make the makeup look patchy and uneven," says Goicochea. "Plus, your moisturizer will also help the body makeup to glide on more easily." DG

May 5, 2014
"How to Apply Leg Makeup Like a Pro", blush.com

Darcy's tip: "Never skip highlighter. Use a highlighter or pearly shadow under each brow arch, right above each brow, arch and in the corners of eyes. Blend away harsh lines with a brush to soften, says Giocochea." DG

August 2014
"Tricks To Make Your Eyes Appear Bigger", DailyMakeover.com

"Hair Tip: Don’t dry hair with a brush when it is sopping wet. Drying the hair when it is extremely wet can cause it to stretch and break more easily. Add your styling product first, then do a “rough dry” by flipping the hair forward and blowing the hair with the dryer as you gently “rough up” the hair at the scalp with your hand. Then, when the hair is just slightly damp, use a round boar bristle hairbrush to finish blow dry styling the hair. This will keep your hair from breaking as much and it will look healthier." DG​


Darcy's Publications

 Darcy Goicochea, Professional Hair/ Makeup Artist has been featured/ quoted in  several  

online beauty magazines. Below are some online beauty magazines that have included my makeup and/ or hair expertise in their articles.  I have also been a "Featured Hair Artist" on Latest-Hairstyles.com! Click on the logos to open up the feature. Then click here when you are ready to hire the best Hair/ Makeup Artist in West Palm Beach/ South Florida for your next project! (Note: DgPro Makeup And Hair is formerly South Florida Makeup Artistry)

*All hair and makeup on this website done by Darcy Goicochea of DgPro Makeup and Hair.