​​​How far in advance should I reserve my wedding date and book a trial session?

It's recommneded to reserve your wedding date as soon as possible to ensure mine and my teams availbility on your date. Depending on the time of year, day, etc.  we are usually booked many months to a year or more in advance. However, there are dates that remain open sometimes as close as a few weeks/ months out. So don't worry if your date is close, we may still be available. If I am already booked, I have a team of highly skilled and talented Artists who can accommodate you.

Book your trial session no less than 3-6 months from your wedding date if possible. You may want to adjust or make changes to your makeup or hair look or do a 2nd trial if you are undecided or change your look completely. So give yourself that time so you are not stressed out right before the wedding.

Is it necessary to book a bridal preview appointment?

It isn't mandatory to book me and/ or my team, but is reccommended. The bridal preview is the time to work with me or your artist to figure out what looks best on you and what you're comfortable in. Most girls have an idea of what they think they want to look like and save photos, but it is very different when you get that pinterest inspo makeup or hair done on you and your features, etc. It may not work on you like you thought, so let me help you nail that down in advance and it will be one less thing to worry about on your wedding day! It's also the time to see if you may need or want extensions in your hair to fill it out to get the pinterest hair you've been wanting. Exceptions are those of you who have a very simple look or one that doesn't deviate much from your usual day to day or evening makeup or a hairstyle you know will work on you.

How should I prep for my preview appointment?

One of the most important questions! First and foremost, it is very important to start getting your hair and skin in good condition as soon as you book your appointment. If your hair is overgrown, too long, no layers or face framing angle cut, please have a hair cut appoinment around 2 weeks before your appointment. A good, proper haircut is important for those all down or half-up half-down styles. Hair can be long but should be no longer than just below the bra strap, should have long layers and angle cut in the front for face framing pieces. Also, hair that is overgrown and over-dry or damaged is harder to hold a curl. So also start hydrating your hair with a good conditioner and maybe even a deep condition or hair mask before the appointment. If you don't use skin care regularly, now is the time to start using a moisturizer for your skin type and eye cream, face scrub and lip balm, minimum. Also, start drinking more water, if you don't already for glowing skin and shiny/ healthy hair. These steps will set you up for success at your preview appointment. Other prep instructions will be emailed to you after you book your appointment with me.

Will you be the one doing my makeup and/ or hair on the wedding day?

Yes!! If I am available on your date when you send your inquiry that will be noted in the responding email and I will be your artist for both makeup and hair. If for whatever reason, I am not available on your date, you will be told that in the responding email and you will have the choice to book one of my senior artists if you would like. Portfolios of available artists will be sent to you in the first email so you can make your decision.

What happens if you or my lead artist is sick on my wedding day?

This is a very rare occurance, but rest assured that if I or your your lead artist becomes sick on your wedding day, we will do everything we can to get a comparable replacement. I have a very large team and network of pro Makeup Artists/ Hairstylists to pull from for last minute fill-ins. However, If I cannot get a comparable replacement, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

How much time will be needed for makeup and hair on the day of the wedding and how many artists will you bring?

I bring enough artists to have all booked services completed within approximately a 4-5 hour window depeding on how many servies are being done. This includes touchup time at the end of the makeup and hair services so that everyone is fresh right before going into robe shots. I also like to have a little buffer time, in case of any unforseen setbacks beyond our control. Exceptions to this is if it is only the bride or just a few services being done. Then, of course less time will be needed. 

Will my makeup last all night? What if I cry?
Absolutely! A true professional makeup application will last the full duration of your event. Not only are the eyes and skin prepped with the proper skin care and priming products, but you will be set and finished with professional powders and sprays that seal in and help fix the makeup in place. All the products in between the prepping and sealing are chosen for their longevity and high performance in all tear/sweat and weather conditions. All makeup used is water-proof, sweat-proof and tear-proof!

What type of products do you use?

My team and I only use only professional/ high end makeup and hair products. Ie: nothing you can buy in a drugstore!

Some of the makeup products we use....Charlotte Tilbury, Dior, Becca,Tarte, UD, MAC, Laura Mercier, Lorac, Bobbi Brown, Temptu airbrush makeup, etc.

Some of the hair prducts we use....Kenra, Redken, Color WOW, Rusk, Sexy Hair, Sebastian, Chi, Schwarzkopf, etc

Are you able to work with a variety of skin tones/ ethinicities?

Absolutely! I and all of my  artists are professionally trained on all skin types/ tones and ethnicities and have a makeup kit that can be used on every skin tone. We take this very seriously. We will never tell you to bring your own foundation or other products (unless you have a specific allergy or want to use your own). We've got you covered!

What is the difference between your senior artists and your other artists?

My senior artists have as much or almost as much experiene as myself doing bridal makeup and/ or hair and have experience working weddings on their own, therefore they would be considered Lead Artist if booked for your day and will be in charge of the other artists working and keeping things on schedule, etc. Some of my Senior Artists even own or used to own their own bridal beauty companies or are instructors at one of the beauty schools. My other artists are equally as skilled and talented, but may just not have experience doing a brides makeup and hair and/ or don't have experience working weddings on their own. I don't hire artists just out of school, they have to have a minimum of 5 years experience (Senior artists have 10 or more years experience) and have a great portfolio of work to be on my team. In the event that I am not available for your wedding date, portfolios for senior artists will be shared with you so that you can decide if you would like one of them to do your wedding.

​Will I need hair extensions for my bridal hairstyle?

This depends on several factors. Such as how much hair you have and the texture of it, if it holds a curl or not and how close you want your hair to look like your pinterest inspo pics. For all down and half-up styles, it is recommneded to get extensions because most girls don't have the hair fullness or texture to achieve the voluminous styles and curls we see on Pinterest today. The models in those pictures without a doubt have extensions in and they choose models with the proper cut and texture to pull off the hairstyle. I will of course give you guidance/ recommendations on hair care etc. to help achieve the hairstyle you are dreaming of. A lot of times the hairstyle can be acheived using some tricks up my sleeve, the exception being the very voluminous/ complex styles.

I hope this answers some of your questions, but I know you probably have more so please

Reach out....I'm excited to hear from you!

Darcy Goicochea/ Owner
 Professional Certified Makeup Artist and Hair Designer

* All makeup and hair on this site is done by Darcy and the DgPro Team

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