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Testimonials from Photographer's/ Producer's

"A BIG Thank You for your work with Jungle Cinematic this year. You’ve been a lot of fun to have on set and have consistently done a great job with everyone… from PGA legends to CEOs to the actors in our videos. You’ve helped them relax and made them look great(…and even kept them entertained on occasion)! I have no doubt your presence and skill has helped elevate each production. I recommend you without hesitation." Michael Stankoski, Jungle Cinematic

"Darcy was referred to me by an excellent cinematographer; she's lived up to every detail of his praise. She's always checking the monitor, making sure everyone looks just right, and her energy is great on set. And, because of all those things I'm able to concentrate on my job, knowing I can be confident of Darcy's expertise, and ability to handle special challenges, like sweaty actors. She'll always be my first call." Gabriel Miller, Lucid Production Group

Incredible make up and hair artist! Darcy is a very professional, caring and positive person while working her magic. Simply amazing is all I can say! Will definitely be using her for EVERYTHING!!! xo Tori Rossi, Singer "The Great American Diva's", Miami, FL

"Hey guys! I wanted all to know that no matter how many talented makeup artists have worked with me I think Darcy is the the best. She is a pleasure to deal with, she listens, she is never overwhelming and is always polite. You don't know she's there until you need her. And above all, her work is amazingly tasteful." Rui Dias-Aidos, Photographer, Ft. Lauderdale

"I just love your work so I am happy to refer you. you make my life so much easier because I don't have to do much retouching (if at all) in comparison to other MUAs! I do not need ANY commission to refer you, seriously - always send my brides your name. I just gave your name to someone else the other day too. you are my #1 choice! I have a friend who went to (____) and her work is just not good compared to yours. I shot with her a few months back and spent a huge amount of time retouching smudges and uneven makeup. it was terrible. It was so time consuming! Lucy's session I was able to edit in 2 days because there was no retouching to do!"
"I am sooooo thrilled they both booked you! Great makeup makes such a HUGE HUGE difference with the photos so every time I hear that someone books you I breathe a sigh of relief!" Karen Ziemkowski - Photographer, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"I don't know what you do, but no other MUA I've tried does anything close to what you do.  You're work is 2nd to none!" John Schellenger - VP/ Producer, Glamourkey.com/ Cinematic Motion Pictures              

"I get relieved whenever I hear a bride-to-be is using you for makeup because I know they will be flawless and less work for me in photoshop! I always recommend you over other Makeup Artists because it takes me hours to edit your work compared to weeks with other's!" Karen Ziemkowski - photographer, karenlisa.com

"Darcy is a AMAZING Make-up artist and hair stylist. I used her services for several High School Senior Session and all of my clients just love her. You can't find many MUA that can also style hair so perfectly. If you need a MUA/Hairstylist call Darcy!!!!" Janice Freeland, Janice Freeland Photography

"Wow! I love watching you  work, it's like magic watching the dark circles disappear before my eyes! I am calling you 'Ms. Photoshop' from now on!"  Noel - Photographer, Winston Delawar Photography

​"Absolutely loved the way my photos turned out with Darcy as my MUA! Barely any retouching on my skin was needed! She knows how to turn it up for photoshoots AND create beautiful natural looks too for daytime occasions- she rocks ;)" Nicole Amelia, Model/ Actress, Miami FL

​"Darcy! You did my hair & makeup for a Dunkin Donuts commercial and it looked amazing! Thank you so much!" Mollie Rose O'Grady, Actress/ Producer, Boca Raton, FL 

"We couldn't do it without you, you are such a big help to us!" Daniel Livschutz - Producer, Vulpine Films

"Thank you VERY much! Your work on Nikki was exceptional!!!" Oscar Rabeiro, Maxim Photographer
"Your make up is truly an art. A Photographer's dream"  Kristi B Imagery, New York, NY

"HEY HEY!!. I loveee your portfolio, YOU WORK MAGIC WITH MAKE-UP" Jae Photos, Miami, FL
"Darcy! Lovely job you did! The looks are fabulous. We'll work again, and again!" Rui- REDAV Photography
"Darcy , your work is gorgeous and very professional!" Michael Malo, Montreal


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(Scroll down for testimonials from Producers/ Photographers)

Darcy works magic (she really does)! She made my flawed skin look flawless with her airbrush makeup, made my eyes really stand out in every photo taken, and made me look like I was glowing! The makeup stayed on ALL DAY LONG (through wind, a bit of mist from rain, and sun)! I could not have asked for anything more. Working with Darcy is a blast and she does the best job anyone could wish for!" Liz Strom, Washington DC

Darcy did a phenomenal job on my bridal hair and make up! She made me feel and look like a princess ! She is open to all suggestions , listens , and was always available to talk! Darcy is the absolute best at what she does!! The hair was on point as well as the airbrush make up !!! I was way beyond happy with all of it!! So thankful for her!" Karlea Hinds, Lake Worth, FL

From a wedding Photographer: "I just love your work so I am happy to refer you. I get relieved whenever I hear a bride-to-be is using you for makeup because I know they will be flawless and less work for me in photoshop! I always recommend you over other Makeup Artists because it takes me hours to edit your work compared to weeks with other's! You are my #1 choice! I used other MUA's whose work is just not good compared to yours. I spent a huge amount of time retouching smudges and uneven makeup... it was terrible and so time consuming!!! Great makeup makes such a HUGE HUGE difference with the photos so every time I hear that someone books you I breathe a sigh of relief!"  Karen Ziemkowski - Photographer, Atlanta, GA (formerly Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

​From a wedding Photographer: "Excellent work. I photograph one of Darcy's brides recently and the make up was flawless and long lasting. Not much fixing after the fact, just a little lip gloss after the ceremony and it was perfect all night long! I highly recommend Darcy!  Jackie Hitz - Photographer, Miami

​"I scoured the internet for the perfect makeup artist. I happened to find Darcy at DG Pro. I glanced over her portfolio and loved it!!! I emailed her and she responded immediately. We were booked and ready to go within days. She was on point about exactly what I wanted to look like. Darcy actually exceeded all of my expectations and I just started to cry tears of joy after my trial. I was so lucky to have her as she did a fantastic job and she his a wonderful person. If you want to look flawless I highly recommend her services!!!" Lara Briggs, New York 

"Darcy is AMAZING! I am someone who rarely wears makeup and wanted to look as natural as possible on my wedding day. They way she did my hair and makeup was perfect! It looked so natural, and I felt more beautiful than ever. Darcy and her team did a wonderful job making everyone in my bridal party stunning as well! Thank you Darcy for making me feel so beautiful on the day that it mattered most!" Kayla Montano, Jupiter, FL​​​

"Darcy did such an amazing job and was so sweet and easy to work with. she took care of all my girls as well for my wedding and I would recommend her to anyone!" Dominique Therese, Gainesville, FL

"Dear Darcy...I want to thank you for helping make my daughter's wedding as special as we had hoped. She looked like a princess, which brought tears to her father's eyes, and mine! This was our first child's wedding and we couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. We are so happy for her and for finding you! God Bless." Susan Hoo,Mother of the Bride, Miami, FL         

 "Darcy....Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our daughters bridal party.  You were so professional and upbeat even when things started getting chaoctic. They all looked amazing!  We will be sure to let our friends at the club know about you for their childrens weddings. Many Thanks." Janet Matton, Mother of the Bride, Weston, FL                                                                                                                                        

"OMG...I can't stop staring at myself!!!  Could you come to my house everyday and do my makeup for me?  You did such an awesome job!!" Shannon Gamble-Mott, Jupiter, FL​


"Dear Darcy...you did such a phenomenal job with the makeup and hair. I just had to let you know how happy everybody was and all the rave comments we received. I never felt so pretty as I did that night! I can't thank you enough." Staci Lynn Kerr, Jupiter, FL    


​"Hi Darcy!....Thank YOU so much for doing such a WONDERFUL job on all of us!  It was the most perfect day and can't believe how fast it all went.  You were a sweetheart and I am so thankful to have had you as part of our special day!" Kristen Jacquard, New Hampshire 


​Dear Darcy...I wanted to thank you so much for making me a beautiful bride and also for helping me dress.  What would I have done without you.  I will try and get by to show you some photos, they came out so good!! Best wishes." Wendy Juan-Encino, CA 


"Darcy, you are magic!  You made me and everyone in my bridal party look like perfection! Thank you again for making me feel like a total queen on my special day!" Whitney Moerings, Jupiter, FL 


​"Dear Darcy...I wanted to thank you for making me look so pretty on my wedding day! I was skeptical at first having my makeup done by anyone (because I am so picky!).  But, I was so pleasantly surprised at the great job you did.  I was afraid I might look overly made up, but not at all.   Mike absolutely loved it!!" Jenny Spellman, Palm Beach Gardens, FL​


"Darcy...Thank you so much for coming to my rescue,  you are such a life saver.  After the bad experience I had with the first Makeup Artist I hired, I was unsure if I should trust someone else.  I don't know what I would have done without you!! I couldn't be happier" Tiffany Reyes, Palm Beach Gardens, FL​​

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